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Welcome to the official Raleigh International blog for Raleigh ICS India! Here you will find regular updates, stories and photos of our life on expedition, the challenges and the impact of our sustainability projects on communities. Keep up to date with us and stay in touch by posting your comments below!

India Kilo 12 - Bommadu Update 3

8th November 2014

We’ve had a really productive week with much of our time planning lessons and sessions coming into use. We’ve all been heavily involved in the tasks and activities, to maximise our effect on the community which comes very easily due to how close we have become.

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India Kilo 12 - Bommadu Update 2

4th November 2014

Following a great few weeks integrating with the community as a group we have started to encounter some of the issues associated with foreign aid. However, by remaining determined and very united with one another we have managed to overcome them very well and become even closer as well as being more determined and enthusiastic to make a positive impact to the community.

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India Yankee 10 - Naganapura Colony

We started week three with Diwali festival! Which was very interesting as the two tribes in our village celebrated differently, but we are working to bring the two communities together. We had fire crackers and mini rockets which we set off in celebration for the festival of light! Lots of the village children gathered around our porch of the Kindergarten where we sleep. The villagers hung decorations from lampposts which were like garlands made out of leaves and flowers, they also stuffed a shirt and trousers to represent the villain in which Diwali is all about, and had the head as a coconut which they attached to one of the lamp posts.

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India Yankee 9 - Hirehally 'A' Hadi

Toilet building

On the 28th Raleigh hired a stone mason to help cover the cesspit behind the local school.

Raleigh bought two large stones and cement for the project. Volunteers (Yankee 9 and the stone mason/ a local villager) began work behind the school. They cover the cesspit with the large atone slabs, rocks and cement and then fitted new laps into the school toilets.

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India Yankee 7 - Puradakatte Hadi

The week in Puradakatte Hadi started with a trip to a nearby village town called Surgur where we collected photos and made photocopies of all our neighbours’ documents that we needed to begin the application of bank accounts and the planning permission for the construction of toilets. During the same week,

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