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Welcome to the official Raleigh International blog for Raleigh ICS India! Here you will find regular updates, stories and photos of our life on expedition, the challenges and the impact of our sustainability projects on communities. Keep up to date with us and stay in touch by posting your comments below!

Toilet Carnivals, litter picking & Raleigh Oscars!

Our team have been continuing our research in the community and have found out many interesting facts about our village which we used to aid our secondary project ideas.

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India Papa 4: Secondary Project

It’s our last week in Ankanapura! We cannot get our heads round how fast our time here has gone…

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India Papa 4: World Sanitation Day

We are at exciting week number seven in Ankanapura, the past week or so we have had many visits outside of the village and so will now share the fascinating findings and experiences that we have had! Our first trip outside of Ankanapura was to Mariyapura on the 20/11/2014 the village was eight kilometers away. On the initial day visit ODP arranged a vehicle for us but was too small so we had to divide the team and make it in two trips. The reason we visited Mariyapura is because our project partner ODP invited us to view an open defecation free zone. This was a model village that ODP has worked with; it inspired the team to want to help Ankanapura even more. This village has good sanitation and hygiene, this includes clean drainage and big water tanks.

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India Papa 4: Community Action Day (CAD)

Papa 4 have been a bit quiet over the last two weeks, but I can promise you we have not been idle. A significant amount of time in week four was dedicated to planning and enacting our first Community Action Day (CAD). The aim of our CAD was to spread Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) practices on a larger scale in accordance with our commitment to contributing towards the progress of the Millennium Development Goals. The team also aimed to promote community integration and raise the group’s profile in the village. The group has struggled attracting villagers to our awareness raising events because of the changes of the seasons and their impact on agricultural timings. As the peanut harvest continued in Ankanapura, a village where if you don’t grow peanuts then you are seen as missing a trick or two, we knew daytime attendance from the village would prove to be an uphill struggle.

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India Kilo 12 - Bommadu Update 3

8th November 2014

We’ve had a really productive week with much of our time planning lessons and sessions coming into use. We’ve all been heavily involved in the tasks and activities, to maximise our effect on the community which comes very easily due to how close we have become.

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