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Welcome to the official Raleigh International blog for Raleigh ICS India! Here you will find regular updates, stories and photos of our life on expedition, the challenges and the impact of our sustainability projects on communities. Keep up to date with us and stay in touch by posting your comments below!

India Kilo 12 - BOMMADU Community Integration

The first week of Bommadu is behind us, and what a week it’s been, So far for those of us in India Kilo Twelve, we have experienced a roller coaster of events, starting off with a heartwarming welcome from our host’s. We were then shown to our accommodation which is Bommadu’s community center and presented with flowers by the local people, as the night drew

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Namaskara from India Yankee 1

We’ve safely arrived in our new home in Nagapurahaddi Block 2, a beautiful 7 year old village of 47 tribal families. We’ve made home in the village’s community hall, creating a spider-web of string holding up all of our mosquito nets, and a chill area comprising of patterned rugs and yoga mats. Hard labour (especially on Liam’s part) began straight away on the construction of our tippy tap, Swedish sauna experience (bamboo slats, stones, and a bucket), long-drop and outside chill out area.

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India Kilo 6 - Tattekere Community Integration

Namaskara from India Kilo 6 based in the village of Thattekere (South-West Karnataka).  Our team consists of team leaders Mary and KC and volunteers; Bryony, Megan, Kathryn, Emily, Conor, Manju, Tom, Matthew, and Arun.

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India Papa 4 - Ankanapura : Community Integration

We arrived in Ankanapura to a very excitable community and spent our first evening getting to know the villagers and accustoming ourselves to our new surroundings. Since then we feel our integration into the community has got off to a great start! The locals have been very welcoming and we have been given enough chai to swim in! The whole team are now familiar faces around the village, particularly with the children who have become constant energetic shadows following us around. We are fortunate enough to have a toilet in our village although we do have to navigate our way through a field of cows in order to reach it. It is amusing having to brush our teeth amongst the cattle but it also means that we no longer need an alarm as their snoring wakes us up!

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India Papa 3- Anagalli Doddi Community Integration

We have now been in the village for a week and all of us in Papa 3 are starting to settle in. After a sweaty three hours on the bus we arrived at our destination; Anagolli Doddi. We were met immediately with a mixture of bemused looks, warm welcomes and overexcited children. After making our way through an obstacle course of a variety of farm animals and moving into our respective accommodation, our first impressions of the village were very positive. We headed straight to a village meeting where we were introduced by the local Priest. In this moment, sitting outside on the steps of the church and drinking chai from plastic cups, the entire team was struck by the reality of our lives for the next two months. This was only made more surreal by the Priest later blessing our home with hypnotic Indian prayer and a spattering of holy water.

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