Tanzania Blog

Welcome to the official Raleigh International blog for Tanzania! Here you will find updates, stories and photos of our life on expedition, the adventures and the impact of our sustainability projects on communities. Stay in touch by posting your messages below! All blogs are written by our volunteers, unless otherwise stated.

Echo Group Allocations!

The Venturers have come to the end of their training at WAMO and are excited to arrive in their communities and start work on their projects. Our 14I Expedition are a lovely bunch of young volunteers and we have all thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and forming new friendships!

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Alphas 1 and 2: 19 Days of Trekking

Now all the groups have deployed for phase two, we can take stock of what we have achieved so far. Here we'd like to share Alphas 1 and 2 trekking experience in the majestic mountains of the Southern Highlands, in pictures.

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Alpha Phase 1 Roundup

It has definitely been an interesting first phase with some highs and challenges, but I’m sure that you can all agree it has definitely been an initial eye opener into Tanzanian culture. Here’s a roundup of what’s been happening.

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Phase 2 Deployed!

After a busy changeover of repairing tents, fairtrade games, Raleigh Olympics (Alpha 5 are the limbo champions) and welcoming our new seven weekers, we can now announce the new phase two alpha allocations!

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A Picture Says 1000 Words

Our Venturers have been busy at WAMO learning about their projects, cultural awareness, expedition first aid and even how to make chapatis!  They say a picture says 1000 words so I have collected together some photographs from our training to give you an insight into what the Venturers have been up to during their first couple of days.

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