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Welcome to the official Raleigh International blog for Tanzania! Here you will find updates, stories and photos of our life on expedition, the adventures and the impact of our sustainability projects on communities. Stay in touch by posting your messages below! All blogs are written by our volunteers, unless otherwise stated.

Expedition logistics - our "logs" volunteers explain all

On the driveway, a red-headed young man can be seen counting out hessian sacks, tents, bowls, tools and jerry cans, whilst a female voice with a French accent rings out across the courtyard, “Give me 32 porridge and 6 tin cheese!”

This is the world of “logs” (logistics) and in this blog, our two volunteer logistics co-ordinators – Steph and Arthur – give us an insight into what this vital field-base position entails. It's a massive undertaking. They are responsible, alongside our Tanzanian staff, for ensuring that all 168 volunteers have sufficient food, shelter, the means to obtain safe water and the equipment to communicate with field base and carry out their projects.

Let’s hear from Steph and Arthur about what it’s like…

(All photos taken by Clare)

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Early childhood development centre in Salawe - update from team Alpha five

Alex, a venturer in team Alpha five, has kindly written this blog about the work taking place on the Early Childhood Development Project in Salawe. Adam, our volunteer photographer, spent the last week with the group and supplied the photos.

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World Toilet Day - Wednesday 19th November - join us and get involved

It’s that time of the day and you need to go for a wee and a poo. Where are you going to go? World Toilet Day – Wednesday 19th November 2014 - is a day to think about this very question. For many millions of people around the world who don’t have an accessible toilet, it’s a dilemma they have to confront each day. So, if you have somewhere hygienic to go today, the next question is, what can you do to help those who don’t? If you can, why not get involved and do something creative or fun on World Toilet Day? Stuck on what to do? Click on these links for some great ideas: UN World Toilet Day ideas    WaterAid World Toilet Day ideas 

In this blog, we say a little more about why World Toilet Day should be a special date for your calendar, and how the work our brilliant volunteers have been doing contributes to this.

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Our Raleigh team digs deep to help build Gongoni's new water supply

At home in the UK, I’ve always taken water for granted. I go to a tap, switch it on, and safe, clean water comes out, ready to drink. For many people in Tanzania today, including our venturers on their project sites, getting a safe drink of water requires a lot more hard work. The water may be far away, unsafe to drink, or both. In this blog, we find out how Raleigh’s team Alpha four is working with a partner agency and the local community to bring a safe water source to Gongoni town.

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The banana farmer and his "tippy tap" - photo story

An incredibly warm-hearted and friendly farmer of bananas and coffee in Hangomba met one of our Raleigh teams in church. On their way back to camp, he gave the team a bunch of bananas. Asking how they could repay this gift, he said he would really like them to come and help him build a "tippy tap" (a simple device for handwashing), as he wasn't able to attend their Community Action Day. This blog tells the photo-story of this encounter...

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