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Welcome to the official Raleigh International blog for Tanzania! Here you will find updates, stories and photos of our life on expedition, the adventures and the impact of our sustainability projects on communities. Stay in touch by posting your messages below! All blogs are written by our volunteers, unless otherwise stated.

Hygiene and environmental awareness in Gongoni - update from team Alpha four

Having spent the last week visiting team Alpha five, I wanted to catch up with the other groups to see how they had been getting on so far. Team Alpha four are in Gongoni where they are staying with host families in this rural village. They gave me this update...

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Why does Salawe need an Early Childhood Development Centre?

One of team Alpha five’s goals in Salawe is to assist in the completion of an early childhood development centre. An early childhood development centre provides children aged 3 to 6 with a safe haven to learn and grow, as well as providing benefits for those caring for young children.

There is a lot of research evidence that early childhood development programmes have significant benefits for children, particularly those who are disadvantaged. Children who go to pre-school are more likely to go to primary school, to stay on and complete school, and to have better educational performance. Pre-schools also help children’s social skills, self-confidence and motivation. Because attending an early childhood development centre has so many benefits, pre-schools are one tool to use in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and achieving universal primary school education.

This blog explains a little more about why an early childhood development centre is needed in Salawe.

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Salaam (greetings) from Salawe - team Alpha five's update

It is always great to hear our venturers’ perspectives. In this post, Becky, from team Alpha five, writes about what the team have been doing so far; the important links they have already made with key members of the community; and also a little about what the area is like.

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Allocations Day - who's going where

Today was allocations day - which is when everyone finds out which projects they will be going on for their first three weeks and, just as importantly, who their team mates will be. You could have heard a pin drop as the venturers eagerly waited to see which group they would be in, then laughter as team building and name games followed.

I can reveal .... drumroll please...

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Venturers arrive and the journey begins

A very warm welcome awaited the venturers who have safely arrived from all over the world to our training centre in Morogoro, to take part in this expedition. Their personal journey has begun - through the challenges and adventures that lie ahead, gaining new knowledge and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Young venturers from all different backgrounds, nationalities and circumstances will work alongside each other on the sustainable development projects and the adventure challenge. Many will become leaders of the future and, as active citizens, will create change in communities across the globe. So, venturers, let the adventure begin!

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